Callum Robinson Game Action

On August 7th, Callum Robinson was loaned out to newly promoted Championship club Bristol City.  On August 8th, Callum Robinson played for Bristol City, coming on as a substitute in the 69th minute with the club trailing 1-0.


Robinson was played on the left, and it appeared as if play went through him a little bit with him getting a few opportunities to cross the ball in, with mixed results:





There are some threatening balls played in there and there is a poor one in there as well, but what stands out is it appears as if Robinson and his teammates aren’t really on the same page, which makes sense, considering he got to the club yesterday. He seemed to favor bringing the ball to his right foot and whipping balls in, but did show the ability to make a run to the end line and send one in with his left, which is encouraging.   Another thing I noticed about Robinson is that he seems to want the ball, he’s always showing himself and making himself available which shows his confidence:


I think that’s a good thing for a young kid his age.  Playing in the Championship, not really shying away from the moment.  I’m looking forward to seeing a little bit more game action from him when he is more comfortable with his teammates and hopefully that will lead to success.

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